The Fund


Grants from £250 WERE available from the St George West Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund.

This was government money that could be applied for by community groups for projects to benefit St George West.  St George West is in East Bristol, running from Hillfields to Pile Marsh.  A map of St George West can be seen on

Any money that was applied for had to be match-funded, £ for £.  That meant if you applied for £250 you had to raise £250 to match it.    This could be done by using volunteer hours for the project.  With this fund you could a volunteer hour at £11.09 per hour. You could also ask people or companies to contribute goods or services of value to your project or cash.

If you had a great idea for a project but are not part of a a community group you could have either found a community group to work with or set up a community group.  You may find helpful if you want to start a community group.

Guidance, applications forms and more details about the fund are under the tab marked “Applying” or you can follow the link but please note this fund is now CLOSED.

Information about the national scheme can be seen on

For a complete list of grants made in St George West click here.